Glenn, adventurer

Glenn Valentin grew up in Ypres, Belgium. He's a physiotherapist and writer. In 2018, he moved to Pau in order to enjoy nature and develop himself as a mountain athlete. In 2019, after 11 years competing in triathlon, he finished 3th in the first full distance race of his career, the Bearman Xtreme Triathlon. After this achievement, Glenn decided that it was time for another challenge, it was time to do something no one has ever done before...


Chopko, the cute factor

Slovenian-born and France-raised, Chopko knows how to handle big mountains. Chopko sets the trace for Glenn, gives him emotional support in difficult moments and defends Glenn against violent marmots. Thanks to his cute-factor, he is indispensable in grabbing a lot of media-attention and attracting beautiful girls.

Géraldine, the handicaped Borderline unicorn

Géraldine is one of the rare still existing unicorns on this planet. Bullied in her childhood because of her handicap (she only has one leg), she developed a borderline personality disorder. This involves that her emotional state can quickly change from euphoric to depressed. Géraldine and Glenn crossed the Pyrenees together in the summer of 2020.