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3. Publishing a book

The spark:

Wanting to share mental tricks to keep the motivation and discipline to execute healthy behaviour high.


Big: Writing and publishing a book would take a lot of time. Most processes take up 6 months to 2 years. I would try to do it in just a couple of months.

Right: This is a book that tackles a lot of misunderstandings people have about health, and really delivers useful insights and tactics to get healthier. This way, I hope it will serve a lot of people.

Attractive: I've always loved being creative. Whether in art school, on my blog as a triathlete or as a freelance journalist. Writing a book is something I knew I would do one day. Visionary: The book in itself connects a lot of dots of insights I gathered by reading the 50 books in 2019, as well as my experience as an athlete and physiotherapist. On the other hand, it's visionary for my future since I'm pursuing another career, one with a bigger impact and more space for creative output than physiotherapy.

Emotional: I didn't have a job for 2 months. That was the time limit I could do without a salary. This meant there was a lot of time pressure and I had to be creative with money and scarcity. On the other hand, being in the flow while writing was a wonderful experience.

The struggle:

After a Vipassana-course in November, I started with a very fresh and focused mind. I was living a week at my parents, so I was quite comfortable. Afterwards, I lived 2,5 weeks in my van in Pau. This was quite frankly the biggest struggle in this process. I had parked my van at the border of the city. It were cold and rainy weeks. Most of the nights, I slept very bad because of the cold. I showered in the river of Pau, and went pooping in a public toilet 400m away from my van. When library was open, I went writing there. When they shut their doors, I went to the station to make use of free wifi. The thoughest moment was when the distribution of my van broke down. There was no option but to leave it in the garage. But hey, this was my house with all my posessions!! Luckily, I could camp out 3 days at the appartment of a friend. Next, I went to my dear friends Jure and Staca in Slovenia, I tried to write 2-3 hours a day, and the other moments it was nice to take a breath and spend time with these wonderful people. For the end of the holidays, I went back to my family in Belgium. I finished the writing process and lied the proofreading, illustrations and cover design in the hands of fantastic freelancers I've found on Upwork: Alexis Baydoun (Lebanon) and John Griffiths (US).

The reward:

Amazing pride to have the paperback in my hands.

The lessons learned:

1) I really loved this!!! Being a physio gives me a 3-5/10 job satisfaction, writing a book a 10/10.

2) There are some amazing, talented people out there. It gives me a lot of enthusiasm to search for more teamwork projects. Using a platform like upwork makes it so easy! In France, I'm constantly losing A WHOLE LOT of time on paperwork, bureaucracy, stupid rules.... On upwork everything get fixed in a couple of minutes! 3) Writing a book is one, now I have to learn more about how to make it profitable

Buying the book: (Belgium)

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