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2. Reading 50 books

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

The spark:

A fight with a girl I was terribly in love with. Looking in the mirror and noticing that I'm not as great as my ego thought. I'm falling short on relationships, a life with purpose, finances, health... the best thing to do? Learn how the world really works.


Big: 50 books is a lot, almost 1 book a week, this means reading on average 45 minutes a day. That's a lot.

Right: The goal is to become a better person, to grow, to develop myself.

Attractive: Yes, I like reading. I'm looking forward to dive into the world of people like Tim Ferriss, Tony Robbins, Seth Godin... Visionary: I want to become a better version of myself. Readers are leaders, most of the people I look up to read a lot of books. I want to be like them. Emotional: There's little risk involved. But along the line, neuroticism would strike, boredom as well, but also incredibele insights.

The Struggle:

The hardest thing to do was to stay focused on triathlon, while making time for reading. As silly as it sounds, reading felt like the most important thing I could do in my life, in order to improve it. Some books were a real struggle as well, because they contained a lot of pages and/or were difficult to understand (How Not to Die; Money, master the game; Why zebra's don't get ulcers...)

The Reward:

Enormous insights. This is the list of the 50 books in order of most influential to me personally:

Garry Keller - The ONE Thing

David Goggins - Can’t hurt me

Timothy Ferriss - Tools of titans

Seth Godin - Linchpin

Rich Roll - Finding Ultra

John Assaraf - The answer

Wayne Dyer - Change your thoughts, change your life

Joe Dispenza - You are the placebo

David Schwartz - The magic of thinking big

Amanda Palmer - The art of asking

Dale Carnegie - How to win friends and influence people

Louise Hay - Heal your life

Scott Jurek - Eat and run

Max Lugavere - Genius foods

Robert Kiyosaki - Rich dad, poor dad

Michael Greger - How not to die

Tony Robbins - Awaken the giant within

Shawn Stevenson - Sleep smarter

Kelly Starrett - becoming a supple leopard

James Clear - atomic habits

Daniel Amen - making a good brain great

Chris Guillebeau - The $100 start-up

Steve House, Scott Johnston -Training for the new alpinism

Steve House, Scott Johnston, Killian Jornet - Training for the uphill athlete

Antoine de St-Exupéry - The small prince

YN Harari - Sapiens

Gary Chapman - The 5 love languages

Tucker Max - Book in a box method

Tony Robbins - Money, master the game

Vishen Lakhiani - The code of an extraordinary life

Brené Brown - Daring greatly

Timothy Ferriss - The 4-hour workweek

Simon Sinek - Start with why

Herman Hesse - Steppewolf

Jordan Peterson - 12 rules for life

Steven Kotler - Rise of superman

Peter Thiel - From zero to one

Paul Jarvis - Company of one

Ido Leffler, Lance Kalish - Get big fast and do more good

Killian Jornet - Courir ou mourir

Robert Sapolsky - Why zebra’s don’t get ulcers

Ross Edgley - World's fittest book

Reinhold Messner - my life at the summit

Ben Horowitz - The hard things about hard things

Chris Zadeh - monkey money mind

Chip and Dan Heath - Made to stick

Faith Harper - unfuck your brain

Adam Rutherford - Humanimal

John Paradox - Vegan keto

Alan Watts - become what you are

Lessons learned

A whole lot! Let's go into the world and learn them for real again!

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