The non-profit 'Association Petits Princes' is based in France. It was founded in 1987 with the goal to make the dreams of severely ill children and adolescents come true. It works together with 150 pediatric hospitals all over the country. Since their foundation, 8000 children's dreams have come true. They've helped kids with cancer, mucoviscidose, myopathies, hematologic illnesses, genetic diseases and so on to experience the day of their life together with their family. 

Some dreams the 'Petits Princes' made happen:

- Alek (11 years old) has trained with the players of Olympic Lyon

- Nolan (12) and Quentin (13) have visited Harry Potter's film studios 

- Sisley (14) got to meet her hero singer Mika

- Mathilde (9) has been a mermaid for one day.

- 50 children got to the North Pole with Santa Claus

- Christiven (10) became a firefighter for one day

- James (10 and Salyf (18) have raced in a Ferrari 


For Glenn, 'Association Petits Princes' is the perfect organisation to collect money for. As a child, his dream was to win the Tour de France. He didn't make it to a pro cyclist, but he was at least lucky to grew up healthy and chase his athletic ambition, unlike many kids and teenagers... and guess what, now he's going even going to space hop and unicorn-ride in the same mountains he was dreaming about as a child!

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